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How to choose perfect fitting clothing for women on a low budget

Having great looking clothes does not necessarily mean having to spend your month’s salary in order to create your personal wardrobe. The important factor to take into account is that it is not the quantity that counts, but the quality of the clothing and the variations you purchase.

Better quality clothing does not mean that it will be more expensive, try to choose fabrics that are superior, for they will hang better to flatter your figure and last longer. The ideal alternative is a well-fitting skirt in a high quality fabric such as lightweight wool, which you may use throughout several seasons; avoid filling your wardrobe with badly fitting, multicolored skirts. A dark color such as black, navy or dark gray is a perfect choice, for you may wear it with different jackets every time as well as other accessories; this will change the overall look completely.

So try build up your wardrobe on a lower budget selecting a few dark skirts and pants as well as a few jackets and tops making sure the fabric is of very good quality, in order to fit better and last longer. Choose amongst fabrics such as linen, wool gabardine or wool crepe, these always fit better, and look for alternatives such as tighter fitting clothing or looser clothing for comfort; also look for belt loops that can change the appearance of the skirt or pants.

To further enhance women’s clothing, accessories are also important, these will embellish a particular item and can change the form of the clothing completely. You may look for inspiration in fashion magazines or at fashion shows, where you can get great ideas to coordinate different accessories to your clothing. Belts are very good accessory alternatives, you should opt for a leather belt with a distinctive buckle. Silk scarves can also remarkably change the look of women’s clothing, when worn over the shoulder or over one shoulder fastened with a brooch.

Make sure you use sound judgment when shopping, this will considerably help with a low budget; choose colors that suit you for the color scheme is one of the most important factors in women’s clothing. Look out for the contrast the colors have with your complexion and figure and match the skirts, pants and jackets with the blouses or tops. Try varying the colors and abandon those neutral colors that you feel may be safer to wear; try wearing cobalt or peacock blue with a brown suit, or deep purple with a moss green colored suit; be a little more daring!

Once you have chosen the fit and styles, shop around during sales at the shops that sell better quality women’s clothing that suit your tastes; it is a waste of time searching through all the shops, choose your favorite clothing shop and visit every few weeks or so, until you find the right outfit and price to go with it. Consignment shops are also a good solution for designer clothes at budget prices, make a list of the clothing you need and have it handy, this will avoid all unnecessary expense on items you do not really need.




How To Choose Clothes Which Make you Look Slim?

If you have extra pounds then choosing right clothes is very important to look slim. Every women wants to look gorgeous, slimmer day by day and thus 90% of women develops a habit of looking on weighing scale almost daily.

Mostly women prefer going to gym, doing rigorous exercise, running on treadmills for hours or few women prefer to starve themselves cutting their meals to almost zero ( Which is very harmful for women health ) but there are times when we question ourselves whether these routines are actually working?

Dieting may or may not help you loose weight, but make you weak from inside. Have you ever wondered that women clothing can easily be altered according to the body shape and structure making you look slimmer and trendy.

A slight strategically planned change in your wardrobe can help you look slimmer without even loosing those extra pounds.

Tips for Choosing Clothes Which Make you look Slim

Here are few tips for choosing clothes which make you look slim:

- Avoid combination of colors - Try to wear one colour cloth as much as possible to give you a slim and longer look.

- Wear Black - Black color gives your body shape a defining look, thus giving you a slim look hiding those extra fat points.

- Stop wearing loose clothes - Loose clothes cannot fool anybody and can’t hide your extra fat, they make you look more fat and outdated. So try to wear fitted clothes.

- Wear Vertical stripes - Avoid wearing horizontal stripes as they will make you look fat and bulky, indeed wear vertical stripes for long and slimmer look.

- Avoid wearing tight clothes - Too tight clothes highlight your extra fats making wrong places easily visible. Moreover, too tight pants are also not user friendly.

- Avoid adding extras around your waist - Extra Material around your tummy like belts, pleated pants, elastic waist or string waist will only add weight around your waist making you look fat, avoid them if possible.

- Elongate your body - Wear pants that cover your shoes to yourself a taller and slimmer look.

- Cover heavy hips - Wear small padded shoulder clothes, tops that reaches or cover hips, jacket , shirtwaist dresses etc to give yourself a slimmer look. You can also try combination of lighter color upper torso and dark stockings. Avoid umbrella and pinafore cuts as they will make you look fat, as much as possible stick to A line only.